Wedding Site Tour: How to Do It Right

Before you can decide on a venue for your wedding, experts recommend you take a wedding site tour. This tour will enable you to perform an ocular inspection on various wedding venues in your area. When you do your research, there are a lot of things that you will know about a certain venue. However, there are also a lot of things that you could miss out on. Experts on event hire Brisbane has therefore suggest doing a site tour. It is important to see the site for yourself to determine if it meets your expectations.

Before you leave for your scheduled site tour, there are a few things you need to keep in mind first. Each function location Brisbane has now is unique. Therefore, you cannot expect that all venues are the same and the only way for you to find out is to be there.

All-Inclusive Venues

When comparing venues for wedding function Brisbane has, the idea of an all-inclusive venue might put you off at first. But do not be too quick to dismiss them altogether. Experts recommend that you look into all inclusive venues when looking for event hire Brisbane has. They have more to offer in terms of economy of scale. Simply put, they hold a lot of weddings throughout the years and have therefore equipped their venue with all of the amenities that clients would expect from them. Whether you are hosting a corporate conference, or a wedding, the venue can accommodate your needs and guarantee that they know how to handle every situation or event that they are asked to host because they have done it multiple times in the past. Visit Lightspace for more details.

Limit to 3 Site Visits

A site visit should be comprehensive so you can carefully evaluate all aspects about the prospect events venue Brisbane can offer. You have to check the potential location for the ceremony and the reception. With this in mind, you are expected to spend as much time on each site as possible.

Experts therefore suggest limiting your site visits to 3 sites at most. If you do more than that, it can overwhelm you to a point that you are making it even more difficult to choose. You should have already done your research prior to going to each venue to make sure that 1 of the 3 will be your pick for a venue for your wedding. If you have hired a wedding planner at this point, you can also bring them with you during site visit. A wedding planner is a professional with an expert knowledge on wedding preparation. You can therefore utilize their knowledge in making professional assessment about each site. You can turn to them for input about what is good or bad about each site.

The wedding venue is a crucial component in your entire wedding plan. Hence, you need to get it right because it could make or break the special day. If you are still looking for an event hire Brisbane can offer, go to They also cater to various events aside from weddings.

Surprising facts you do not know about Melbourne strip clubs

We know almost every man has visited a strip club or fantasizes about doing it once in his life. It is no secret that men visualize about seeing beautiful nude women. There is no better way for these men to make their fantasy come true than to visit strip clubs and watch women as they strip dance. By watching attractive women teasing them, they feel happy and even has a calming effect on them.  If you would like to enjoy this form of excitement, you can visit the strip clubs in Melbourne.  In case you want a sexy lap dance or erotic table top dancing, then Melbourne is a great place to get all of it.


strip clubs in melbourne

Strip clubs are located all over in Melbourne

Unlike in other cities, which have few strip clubs, Melbourne is the home to the top strip clubs and brothels.  If you would like to have a taste of the different strip clubs in the city, search no more. You can visit Centerfold Lounge, which boasts various levels of entertainment. If you want to enjoy best tabletop dancing, Dreams Gentlemen’s club is the best place to be.  Gold fingers Melbourne is a first class stripper where strippers from all parts of Australia come to entertain guests. If you want a premier strip club, then The Men’s Gallery is the place to be (highly recommended).

Strips clubs are legal businesses in Melbourne 

The strip clubs in Melbourne are legitimate businesses, which earn the owners and the government a lot of revenue.  If you visit Melbourne for your first time, do not hesitate to enjoy the nightlife that is found here thinking that it is illegal. If you enjoy adult entertainment, you will be overwhelmed to discover that most of the finest strip clubs are located in this city. Everything that goes on inside the clubs is per the Australian government. In Melbourne, strip clubs are one of the most known forms of entertainment in Australia.

Strip clubs do not promote drugs and crime

In most cases, men visit strip clubs to fulfill personal urge while the strippers help them to promote their sensuality. The perception that the strip clubs promote crime is wrong because most of them have strict rules for their employees and do not allow them to consume or sell drugs. As a trip owner, there are so many things to deal with such as multiple employees, health codes, and ensuring that everything is above reproach.  Assuming that strip clubs promote crime especially in Melbourne would be hypocritical.

Strippers are dignified people and are not wicked as perceived by the society

Unlike other places where strippers are viewed as immoral and uneducated, it is not the same case for strippers in Melbourne. Strip clubs in Melbourne accord strippers the appropriate dignity and consider strip dancing like any other profession. In some cases, strip dancing is the only job that they can do to cater for their economic needs. It is unfair to argue that strippers have psychological problems because there are drug addicts, criminals, and mentally disturbed people all over.

Baking for Beginners: Essential List of Cake Decorating Supplies

Are you new to baking? Would you like to practice more on your cake decorating skills? Everyone has to start somewhere – if you want to become an expert baker or become better at cake decorating, you need to practice your craft. To start with, you need to be equipped with essential cake decoration supplies Brisbane can offer. You need to start with the basic tools first; once you have mastered the use of these basic tools, then you can develop new skills and be able to use the more advanced cake decorating supplies.


Cake decoration supplies Brisbane

Decorating Tips or Tubes

In order to decorate your cake, you need to have one of the essential cake decoration supplies in Brisbane: decorating tips or tubes. You can use these tips to create different shapes and patterns to top your cake frosting. Some of the most basic shapes you can choose from including the following shapes: round, star, rose or flower, and basket weave. You can find the decorating tips in either metal or plastic material. Your choice of which material to go for will depend on your personal preference. However, the metal tips are the ideal choice for many since they are easier to clean since they do not cling to the metal as much as they do with plastic.

Pastry Bag

As with decorating tips and tubes, you need a pastry bag as one of the basic cake decoration supplies Brisbane offers. Pastry bags can either be disposable or reusable. You can choose one according to preference; if you bake often, it might be a good investment to choose the reusable bags. Whatever you choose, make sure to find ones that are of good quality. This will enable the bag to hold its shape while you are piping onto the cake.

There are different types of piping bags available such as cloth or canvas and silicone bags. For thick and heavy frosting, you need to go for the cloth or canvas piping bag.


The list of Brisbane cake decoration supplies will never be complete without spatulas. To start with, there are two types of spatulas that you need as a baker. The offset spatula is used for frosting a cake and making sure that the frosting is smooth. It comes with a flexible handle and in different lengths. Hence, you can use it for finishing a cake and frosting it with ease, no matter what the size of the cake may be.

Another type is called straight spatula. You need to use this spatula for smoothing the sides of your cake with frosting. Unlike the offset spatula, which is designed to be flexible, this one comes with a sturdy handle. Make sure you stock up on these two kinds of the spatula when you find cake decoration supplies in Brisbane.

Once you develop new skills and master the basics, you can move on to more advanced cake decoration supplies Brisbane offers. But if you are still new to baking, it is important to start with the basics first. You need to know the fundamentals to baking and cake decorating before you can move on to learning new skills. Learn more at

Fountain Pens for Exquisite Writing

According to Winston Churchill, to sit at one’s table on a sunny morning, with four clear hours of uninterruptible security, plenty of nice paper and a fountain pen is true happiness. A fountain pen is designed to have a simple yet sophisticated feel. It consists of four main parts; the nib, the cap, the feed and the feeding system. With a fountain pen come fountain pen inks which are water based inks intended for its use only. These inks come in a variety of viscosity and fountain pen ink colors of various brands, but generally people decide on the ink to use with regard to preference or cost. See more at:

Are you looking for a change from our ball point pen? Here are some of the reasons a fountain pen is the best option for you.

A Better Feel

When you are writing with a ball point you have to press hard to write which is not easy and after writing for a while your hand experiences fatigue. However, using a fountain pen is much easier on the hand. You don’t have to press the pen on your leuctturm1917 notebooks as the fountain pen inks flow freely, allowing you an extended period of time before you feel fatigue in your hands.

Environmentally Friendly

Another advantage of using a fountain pen is that it is better for the environment. Ball point pens have to be discarded after use as there is no way to keep using them. This is where fountain pens come in handy. In spite of the fact that there are disposable fountain pens, most of them are not meant to be disposed after use. They have a reservoir or the feeding system where all you have to do is feed in more ink when it’s depleted and you are ready to go. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost effective.


Compared to ballpoint pens, a fountain pen is not cheap. However in the long run you will find that having a fountain pen is more economical. People tend to easily lose their ball point pens as they are disposable and not expensive to purchase, while a fountain pen not being cheap in addition to its aura of timelessness and permanence encourages one to take care of it and even keep in as a relic. Furthermore, the option of feeding in to the reservoir when it’s empty instead of buying a new pen is very economical.


Also when using a fountain pen on clairefontaine notebooks the light touch and flowing hand movements required make your hand writing to look better. This gives your writing a classy feel and with exquisite penmanship, you have the perfect look. Also there is something about a fountain pen that appeals to the gentleman and scholar in you making you feel awesome.

A fountain pen is the way to literally get the ink flowing on your notebook and for guidelines on how to fill a fountain pen with fountain pen inks, visit the website

Top reasons to invest in silicon wristbands right away

During the early to mid-2000, there was a rising growth in the popularity of silicone wristbands. They were mostly worn by people to show their support for a charitable organization or for some cause. These bands which are quite similar to awareness ribbons are often termed as awareness bands and are used by people all across the world. Regardless of whether you are a lover of bright and bold colours or want something straight and simple, you will never run out of choices for the wristbands made of silicone. There are plenty of reasons why you should be investing on these wristbands.

Grab attention
The primary objective of using any wristband is for drawing attention of the public. Just take into consideration the famous charity bracelets such as Livestrong’s vibrant yellow band or orange and blue design for the RNLI awareness. You can get monochrome colours, simple black and white or neon coloured silicone wristbands to create an awareness among people who will be eager to join you and stand for the cause.

Company branding
Yet another reason behind the popularity of the coloured wristbands is company branding. No business would be interested in promoting the same colours as your rivals. Also, no one would want to be lost in the crowd, especially when you are making use of silicone wristbands to promote your business and reach out to new users. Therefore, you can use the silicone bracelets and opt for a design or a colour that is exclusively yours. Your followers should be able to instantly connect with your brand upon visualizing the design and colour of the wristbands.

Priced extremely low
When you go for wholesale silicone wristbands, your consumers will face no problem in getting the bands for themselves. The price point of bracelets made of silicone is often calculated in cents per unit instead of dollars, and this implies more profits will go into your pocket. Plus, since the bands are highly favoured by people all across the world, you will not have to go against the tide or push them for standing beside you. Your supporters would want to get and wear right after they see it.

Comprehending human psychology
It is no secret that there are some colours that influence human psychology in certain ways, and you must keep this in mind while selecting the colour of your rubber hand bands. For example, blue is a shade that is strongly associated with something traditional and serious whereas red is the colour of love, yellow and green are colours of friendliness and compassion and purple is a shade that instigates imagination.

Before you choose any particular colour, you will have to consider the purpose of the wristbands.  Colours can entirely alter how the wristbands are perceived and accepted and as these bands are completely a visual accessory, it puts equal importance on the colour as well as the comfort of the wearer. Therefore, the silicone wristbands multiple colour packs act as perfect accessories when you want to gather supporters and promote your business.