Baking for Beginners: Essential List of Cake Decorating Supplies

Are you new to baking? Would you like to practice more on your cake decorating skills? Everyone has to start somewhere – if you want to become an expert baker or become better at cake decorating, you need to practice your craft. To start with, you need to be equipped with essential cake decoration supplies Brisbane can offer. You need to start with the basic tools first; once you have mastered the use of these basic tools, then you can develop new skills and be able to use the more advanced cake decorating supplies.


Cake decoration supplies Brisbane

Decorating Tips or Tubes

In order to decorate your cake, you need to have one of the essential cake decoration supplies in Brisbane: decorating tips or tubes. You can use these tips to create different shapes and patterns to top your cake frosting. Some of the most basic shapes you can choose from including the following shapes: round, star, rose or flower, and basket weave. You can find the decorating tips in either metal or plastic material. Your choice of which material to go for will depend on your personal preference. However, the metal tips are the ideal choice for many since they are easier to clean since they do not cling to the metal as much as they do with plastic.

Pastry Bag

As with decorating tips and tubes, you need a pastry bag as one of the basic cake decoration supplies Brisbane offers. Pastry bags can either be disposable or reusable. You can choose one according to preference; if you bake often, it might be a good investment to choose the reusable bags. Whatever you choose, make sure to find ones that are of good quality. This will enable the bag to hold its shape while you are piping onto the cake.

There are different types of piping bags available such as cloth or canvas and silicone bags. For thick and heavy frosting, you need to go for the cloth or canvas piping bag.


The list of Brisbane cake decoration supplies will never be complete without spatulas. To start with, there are two types of spatulas that you need as a baker. The offset spatula is used for frosting a cake and making sure that the frosting is smooth. It comes with a flexible handle and in different lengths. Hence, you can use it for finishing a cake and frosting it with ease, no matter what the size of the cake may be.

Another type is called straight spatula. You need to use this spatula for smoothing the sides of your cake with frosting. Unlike the offset spatula, which is designed to be flexible, this one comes with a sturdy handle. Make sure you stock up on these two kinds of the spatula when you find cake decoration supplies in Brisbane.

Once you develop new skills and master the basics, you can move on to more advanced cake decoration supplies Brisbane offers. But if you are still new to baking, it is important to start with the basics first. You need to know the fundamentals to baking and cake decorating before you can move on to learning new skills. Learn more at

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